About us

Martin & Jeanette O’Dwyer are the owners of Odryer Proprietary Ltd, whose initial product is an all-weather outdoor clothes dryer called the ODryer.

The initial concept for the product was conceived when the promoters lived in Sydney, Australia. Sydney weather often brings heavy afternoon showers, causing extra work and inconvenience when drying clothes. The promoters started to experiment with a retractable line that could be swung under an awning in rainy weather. This was found to be very beneficial in protecting the clothing and aiding the drying process.

The promoters moved to Ireland in 2001, where they missed the convenient outdoor clothes dryer. Martin O’Dwyer decided to design an outdoor covered clothesline. Several prototype models were developed and tested in the promoters’ home. Due to the effectiveness of the prototype design, it was decided in 2006 to develop it further and commercialise it.