The NEW ODRYER DREAMLINE outdoor covered clothes line is the heavenly answer to your laundry day blues. Leave your wet laundry out to dry at any time even if it's raining and enjoy the comfort and protection offered by the new design.

This fantastic clothes dryer holds up to three wash loads comfortably, helps to protect from polutants e.g. dirt, dust, tree leaves/fruit stains, pollen, bird poops, etc. Dreamline is a unique modern clothes line design that is clean and bright on the inside and provides privacy on the outside.  

Your beautiful special garments are dried for free in a natural environment. You can go to work, shopping, or a holiday break away and your clothes are safe on the Dreamline.


 Choose Odryer Today

  • Dry & protect your clothes even if it's raining
  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Healthy fresh and free drying
  • Clean, bright and private
  • Gentle care for those special garments
  • Water saving feature
                                                                "No need to leg it, if you peg it on Odryer"